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The Marketing Reality 12-module course provides an in-depth overview of all the elements you should be considering for your organisation when it comes to marketing.

This online course runs for 12 weeks, beginning on a Monday (you can start any Monday) and is half self-paced and half scheduled. This means you can choose times that suit you, but still be kept to some deadlines.

The workshop works out to be less than $42 per week, but you get over $5,000 of value!
12-Module Marketing Course


As business owners have the lucky privilege of getting to wear several different hats in your business, it is vital that you are across everything your organisation does.

Did I just say it’s a privilege? Well … yes! But only if you look at it that way and only if you have the knowledge and support you need and deserve.
It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by marketing, because there is a lot to know and a lot to cover. You need to be confident that you are on the right track when it comes to marketing, PR and communication. And you want to do it right.
The Marketing Reality 12-module course deciphers the basics and essentials you should be focusing on and give you clear cut advice on how to take the next step.

What do you get?


Each course module, we deliver information based on decades of experience working with Australian small and medium sized businesses.

You only pay $497 + GST for the 12-module course; that’s about $42 per module!

You can confidently go to your manager to request a budget to undertake course, because it’s easy to show the value your organisation will receive.

The reason we put together this course was that we were coming across the same questions and issues with many of the clients we worked with. We realised that there must be many more administration and support staff across Australia that were feeling the same pain points – but we couldn’t help them all one-on-one.

Instead we provide all the information in an easy-to-access format, to allow admin assistants to feel confident in the marketing tasks they were undertaking, as well as suggest areas for improvement.

If we were to work with you one-on-one, the rack rate for all the knowledge we provide would be over $5,000, you pay a lot less than that.

You can still ask us questions, so it’s not like this relationship is one-way only. But if you want to get in-depth and specific about your organisation, that’s ok too.

At the end of your course you can choose to sign up for a Targeted Strategy Session. This is where we set aside 30 minutes for a Skype call and discuss marketing for your business. Or you can join the Facebook Group, called The Marketing Reality.

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There is no perfect solution and it’s important that you realise we are not going to tell you all the answers, we want to guide you to find the right answer for your specific situation. Because every business is different! Our role is to provide you with access to information and expertise, to motivate and excite you and to help keep you on track and on task. We can assure you that our advice is tried and tested, researched and updated, and specially targeted for small-to-medium (SME) businesses. We created the online course content in direct response to the experience and feedback we have received from SME clients and colleagues.


It makes sense to start with the basics, so in the first week of the course we look at a marketing plan and reviewing the elements that are relevant to your business. We also look at outsourcing and insourcing, so you can figure out how to resource your marketing plan.

Branding is such a crucial concept for any organisation but is something that is often overlooked or done in a less than professional manner. Your brand is so much more than your logo, but your logo is the anchor of your brand. Getting it right is the first step to a professional brand.

During this week we look at content marketing – how to create inspiring content and then how to leverage it and use it and various ones. One piece of content, many uses!

Your website should be the hub for all your marketing. It should be where you direct all your prospects and clients or customers. Which means it is vital you have a great website! But this doesn’t have to mean a lot of cost involved, just that you think strategically about what the best website is to show your organisation in the best light.

Businesses who ignore social media do so at their peril! We don’t believe all businesses need to be using all social media platforms. This is about finding the right fit for your organisation and then using it in the best way possible.
Email marketing can be the most effective marketing activity in your arsenal – if done correctly. Effectively communicating with your customers/clients and prospects via email marketing is the focus this week.
These days consumers are so much more visually focused, which means that if you’re not doing video you’re missing out. We will focus on how you can create videos that add to your marketing strategy and offers value to your target audience.

Public relations (PR) is basically the concept of generating positive publicity for your business, free of charge.
It may sound easy, but generally it’s not! The upside to undertaking PR activities is that the only cost to your business (if you do it yourself) is that it is free.


There are so many options when it comes to advertising. So you have to pick the options that align with your marketing plan, have the highest chance of achieving your goals and fit into an acceptable budget.

This week we look at how you can leverage cost-effective advertising as part of your marketing strategy.

As we all know and have heard before – it is more cost-effective to keep a customer/client, than to find a new one! Data varies, but the stats say it is five to eight per cent more expensive to get new customers. Obviously, you want to be always working towards the funnel of new customers and clients – but not to the detriment of your current clientele.
You should never directly copy your competitors, but if you are a savvy businessperson you will look to your competitors to ensure you are on the right track and to maximise your position in the marketplace.
The marketing funnel is how you progress prospects through to customers/clients. But when you think about marketing it’s important to realise that selling is not the end game. It’s just one of the steps in a marketing lifecycle. You need to think about their needs and wants at every stage and do everything you can to meet and exceed what they expect.
The Marketing Reality


Each week course participants cover a different topic in-depth. Each Monday participants are provided with detailed notes, a video and a range of cheat sheets, templates, tip sheets and more! Questions are encouraged and are then compiled into one complete Q&A section. You are welcome to submit your questions at any time, and the question and answer will be loaded to the page within 48 hours. Within the week you can basically review all the content at a time that suits you – because we understand the time demands of our participants! If participants would like to discuss their business specifically, they are able to sign up for a Targeted Strategy Session.
We understand the need to be budget conscious as a smaller business and therefore the course has been priced at a very affordable $497 + GST and you receive over $5,000 worth of valuable information.
Once you sign up, you are directed to complete your transaction via PayPal. Please note that you do NOT have to have a PayPal account to process the payment. You can just use your credit card to pay.
The 12-module online marketing course starts on a Monday, following your registration and payment.

The idea is that the 12-module marketing course leads you to find the answers to your questions.

If at the end of your course you would like to optimise your approach and get a second opinion, you can purchase a Targeted Strategy Session. This session is a 30-minute phone or Skype call where you can discuss your outcomes from the course and ask any additional questions specific to your organisation.

The cost for a Targeted Strategy Session is $197 and is hosted by Holly Martin, the Chief Marketer at The Marketing GP.

If you have specific questions about your business, it is recommended you sign up for a Targeted Strategy Session. But don’t forget that all questions that are more general in nature are answered as part of the course. And you are invited to join our Facebook Group – The Marketing Reality!
Straightforward Marketing


Do you know one of the key benefits of this marketing course is that you get lifetime access? How amazing is that! You are free to go back into the course at any time and review information, re-download content and review any updated content.

It’s a flexible delivery, to suit your busy life – while keeping you on track. The course starts every Monday, so once you sign up and pay you will enter the next course.