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The Marketing GP was the brainchild of our Chief Marketer, Holly Martin. The business began as a one person-show under the name of Just Holly. At its inception in 2012, Holly started out with the ambition of building on her already well-known name and personal brand within her local business community.

As the name suggests, the business was ‘Just Holly’ designing and curating content for clients. However, as the business expanded so did the need to engage staff. In only a few short years, Holly went from being a sole practitioner to working with a team of marketing professionals.

In 2017, The Marketing GP was born, with a key focus on strategic marketing for clients, with a hand-picked team of professionals based on their individual specialties. 

To ensure sole traders and micro businesses could still have access to advice, The Marketing Reality, powered by The Marketing GP, was born.



About Us, ABOUT US, The Marketing Reality
We think, plan and act-taking into consideration ourselves, our clinets and our team.
About Us, ABOUT US, The Marketing Reality
With a focus on responsiveness, we ensure we balance this with expectation managment.
About Us, ABOUT US, The Marketing Reality
We push the boundaries in all we do, but anchor that by documenting and sharing our knowledge.
About Us, ABOUT US, The Marketing Reality
Our priority is quality, so we go all out on attention to detail. This mensas we never assume something has been checked.
About Us, ABOUT US, The Marketing Reality
There is nothing we can’t do, but this doesn’t mean we always do what is asked. We may offer a different perspective, as long as we are always solution-driven.
About Us, ABOUT US, The Marketing Reality
We don’t get bogged down in repetutuve actions, this ensures we are always looking for the best outcome for our clients.
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There is no perfect solution and it’s important that you realise we are not going to tell you all the answers, we want to guide you to find the right answer for your specific situation. Because every business is different! Our role is to provide you with access to information and expertise, to motivate and excite you and to help keep you on track and on task.

We can assure you that our advice is tried and tested, researched and updated, and specially targeted for small-to-medium (SME) businesses. We created the online course content in direct response to the experience and feedback we have received from SME clients and colleagues.